Municipal Transfer Station

                                      The gates are open and signs and platforms are coming soon.  

 * R.M. 104 Ratepayers/Residents Only *  


R.M. of Gravelbourg Transfer Station

30 yard Red Bin

          Items NOT allowed:           

·         Chemical/Plastic containers and bags

·         Steel

·         Tires

·         Dead animals (including parts)

·         Rocks/Cement/Pavement

·         Burning Barrel Ash

·         Fuel/Oil containers (Incl. gas/oil tanks)

·         Fridges/Freezers

·         Grain or feed products

·         Buildings

·         Grain bins and bags

·         Vehicles

·         Windows or glass

·         Propane tanks

·         Household Garbage




6 yard Red Bin:

·         Bagged Household garbage ONLY. Please fill one before putting items in the second bin.



6 yard Blue Bin:        

        Recycling items ALLOWED:                                   Recycling items NOT ALLOWED:

·         Paper & Cardboard

·         Glass

·         Plastics with number 1-7

·         Oil containers

·         Tin & Aluminum

·         Chemical jugs

Please fill one bin completely before putting items in the second bin. Items are to be placed loosely in the bin.           


Metal Recycling Pile:

·         For metal only – No wire, cable or tires

·         Place metal items in a tidy pile to be picked up by a recycling company. 

·         Freon must be removed from fridges, freezers and air conditioners and stamped by a certified technician to be allowed in the pile. 


IPI & Sarcan Accepts:

·         Used oil, filters, antifreeze, oil/antifreeze/diesel exhaust fluid containers and pails, old paint and paint containers (litre cans or pails). 

·         The SWEEP program at IPI recycles most electronics including tv’s, fax machines, stereos, cameras, microwaves, external computer storage drives, modems, game consoles, e-Book readers, portable and vehicle GPS and floor standing printers.

·         Pop & beer bottles, pop & beer cans, milk jugs, juice containers

·         Any questions please call IPI at 306-648-3217


This site will be monitored! If you are caught in violation of these guidelines you will be held responsible for the violation and all costs associated.