Shelterbelt Tree Program

2017 Shelterbelt Program Launch

I am pleased to announce the launching of the 2017 Shelterbelt Program from HELP's new 160 acre tree farm a few miles outside of Weyburn.  HELP has produced and harvested a second year of 600,000 container root tree seedlings for the 2017 program. 


Type of Trees

I am pleased to inform that 100% of the trees provided for the 2017 program are container root trees produced at HELP nurseries at Weyburn or in the case of evergreens, in partnership with other nurseries.  Container root seedlings are considered by many to be far more superior to bare root varieties for the reason that container root seedlings can be transported and planted while dormant or while in full leaf during the growing season.  However, spring or fall planting are still considered the best options. 


2017 Program Roll-Out Saturday, Nov 25, 2016

Beginning Friday, November 25, HELP will be taking application for trees.  As per promise, the HELP subsidized rate of $1.50 per seedling for shelterbelt quantities of 300 trees or more combining all varieties ordered continues the same for the fourth year.  Price is $2.50 per seedling for global orders less than 300 seedlings. HELP will not consider orders less than 50 trees global order.  This helps to protect small private greenhouse interests.  


Any order of 50 trees or more is considered a shelterbelt program.  So this is the simple method HELP is using to allow farms, schools, towns, and environmental organizations to qualify.  That is, if someone is ordering 50 trees or more HELP assumes the trees are for environmental and not strictly ornamental reasons.   Shipping is by bus and on a date chosen by the buyer. Shipping cost is 16 cents per regular seedling anywhere in Western Canada.


Early Bird Discounts

HELP is offering a 6% discount for November tree purchases and 5% discount for December purchases and decreasing discount with each new month.   


Methods of Ordering

There are several ways of ordering trees. To order trees the public can: 


i)Purchase on line at and click on 'Store'. This is the easiest way.


ii) Download an application form which can be manually filled out and faxed, emailed or mailed to HELP with a cheque payment or credit card information for payment. 


iii) Make a telephone order by calling HELP at 306-842-2433 (this takes more time but is an option available for those who are unfamiliar with the internet.


Varieties of Trees

In this second year of utilizing 100% HELP produced trees, HELP focused on keeping up to its 600,000 tree stocks of the fastest growing hybrid poplar and willow varieties. These included:

Hybrid Poplars:  Walker, Okanese and Assiniboine 

Willow Varieties: Golden, Silver leaf and Pussy Willow


Basic Shelterbelt Design

These varieties, properly planned can create the quickest possible shelterbelt. A simple effective four row shelterbelt for a 500 meter long shelterbelt might be: 


Outside Row: Mixed Willow (200 Golden Willow or Silverleaf Willow ) planted at 2.5 meter spacing

2nd Row: 200 Walker Poplar with trees planted at 2.5 meter (8 foot) spacing

Inside Row: 200 Okanese of Assiniboine Poplar planted at 2.5 meter spacing


Total Trees Required for Above 500 meter Shelterbelt Program: 800 Tree Seedlings 

Total Cost for Tree Seedlings for this 500 meter x Four Row Program: 

800 regular size seedlings @ $1.50 =                 $1,200

6% discount for November Purchase:                  -$    76

                                        Sub-Total:                 $ 1,128


Packaging and Shipping: 800 Seedlings @$0.14 =$    112 

                                      New Sub-Total:             $1,240

                                                    GST:               $    62

            Total for Manitoba and Alberta Customers: $1,302

                              PST for Sask Residents Only:   $    62 

                                 Total for Sask Residents:      $1,364 

(for 800 trees on four rows of 500 meters each)         

For the above four row shelterbelt program at four meter spacing between rows, the landowner would have fine till to six inch depth like a garden, 50 foot width x 500 meters long around the property.  


Explanation for Above Shelterbelt Design

Willow used for outside row as willow spreads much more than poplar so requires to be on the outside or inside row.

Walker Poplar is shaped like a Christmas tree with broadest branches against the ground making the Walker the only poplar with capacity to stop ground winds and snow drifting similar to the function of brush varieties.

Okanese or Assiniboine Poplar is suggested for inside row as these are considered more aesthetically pleasing. Both are male clones. Both have branches that start a bit up the trunk allowing one to mow grass right up against the trunk. (HELP has a large crop of Acute Willow available for 2017 as a large brush tree for outside row plantings to stop ground winds and drifting snow).


Lowest Maintenance Tree Planting Suggestion

The lowest maintenance tree planting involves planting the trees, then installing plastic mulch film by machine that HELP can loan out (HELP also sells the plastic mulch film) and lastly broadcast and harrow 40 to 50 lb per acre of common creeping red fescue.  Costs for the 50 lb of fescue varies between $85 and $109 depending upon where your purchase the grass seed. Plastic mulch for this 2,000 meter (500 meter x four rows) planting would be 4.33 rolls of mulch ...meaning 5 rolls of mulch at $192.50 per roll including taxes = $962.50.  Alberta and Manitoba customers can purchase mulch from vendors in their provinces to save on freight. 


Tree Awards for 2016 Tree Production: HELP recognizes its Golden Willow and Acute Willow Varieties as the ones which, in the nursery, grew the fastest and are the largest of all our tree varieties.  HELP research shows that if willows are planted to a depth of seven to ten inches they will withstand dry conditions much more successfully in the year of establishment. Plant deep!


Rodney Sidloski, 

CEO HELP International 

Tel: 306-842-2433