Can Sask Job Grant

The Canada-Saskatchewan Job Grant puts training decisions in the hands of Saskatchewan employers and helps workers get the training they need for available jobs. The Governments of Saskatchewan and Canada are offering this program to provide up to $10,000 per trainee, to train new or existing workers. 


Core principles:

  • the employer selects the candidates for training and decides what training is required;
  • the employer provides a job for the candidate at the end of the training;
  • the employer  financially contributes to the training; and
  • training is provided by a third-party training institution.


To participate in the Job Grant, the employer is required to contribute one-third of the eligible training costs, with the remaining two-thirds – up to $10,000 per trainee – coming from the Job Grant. 


Please note that public institutions, including rural municipalities, are not eligible for this grant. Interested employers within each rural municipality should review the program information online at